First Project Meeting -Reehub Plus
05 October 2021
First Project Meeting

The First Project Meeting of REEHUB Plus project was organized on 10 May 2021, from 14.00-15.30. Due to Covid 19 pandemic this activity was held online via Link Teams platform.

This activity was organized by National Energy Technological District (DiTNE) as the responsible partner of WPT1 for REEHUB Plus project.

All the Project Partners were present at the meeting. The main aim of this activity was to discuss about the project progress and difficulties that each of the partners have been facing in the implementation of this projects phase. All the Partners discussed and coordinated in accordance to project expectations all the activities. 


field_speaker_name_and_surname Avatar
Angelo Colucci
Project manager - DiTNE
field_speaker_name_and_surname Avatar
Ajda Carcani
Project Manager - BIRD (Lead Partner)
field_speaker_name_and_surname Avatar
Irena Rajkovic
Project Manager - UoM (Project Partner)
field_speaker_name_and_surname Avatar
Eranda Shalsi - MIE (Project Partner)
Project Manager
field_speaker_name_and_surname Avatar
Andrea di Girolamo
Project Manager - MoA
05 October 2021
Agenda Mid-term Review Meeting