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P.A. 3 / S.O. 3.2 - N. 436


Regional Energy Efficiency HUB Plus

Project Summary

REEHUB PLUS aims to strengthen the role of energy efficiency hubs as an “agora” where local policy makers in the programme area can have an open dialogue with citizens, industries, designers and green SMEs for the implementation of local energy plans. In particular, the project consolidates the results of the REEHUB project, which created a network of hubs, enabling the training of building managers on energy-efficiency measures. Through REEHUB PLUS the hubs will get stronger by increasing their capacities with more professional measurement equipments; the public awareness on energy efficiency will be focused at regional levels; a new energy policy and energy efficiency approach for future building local rules will boost, ensuring human comfort, health and safety.


Total budget 718.200,00 EUR
EU Contribution IPA co-financing 85%
Duration 01.09.2020 - 28.02.2022

Main Outputs

-    REEHUB network for new energy policy and energy efficiency approach

Project Partnership
Lead Partner
Instituti për Kërkim dhe Zhvillim Barleti (AL) Contacts: Ajda Carcani - a.carcani[at]bird.al
Project Partners
  1. Ministria e Infrastrukturës dhe Energjisë (AL): Eranda Shalsi - ark.eralici@gmail.com
  2. Distretto Tecnologico Nazionale sull'Energia Scarl (IT): Angelo Colucci - angelo.colucci@ditne.it
  3. Comune di Agnone (IT): Ettore Fiorito - ettore.fiorito@gmail.com
  4. Javna ustanova Univerzitet Crne Gore (ME): Irena Rajković - irenar@ucg.ac.me
Associated Partners
  1. Enti Rregullator i Energjisë (AL)